Thursday, October 06, 2005

blog day: 2

A glorious second day critical errors reported through the night RAID arrays downed friends ringing on the phone past midnight checking in if I want to join them for a quick one (not "quickie")

Good stuff ends here. Spent a few revitalizing minutes kick-starting my bike. I love the old lad.

Whizzed through the neighbourhoods, arriving at the telerik headquarters with thunder. Ever thought how a network admin makes his arrival known in the office? :) Now you know.

Now its showtime. Let the network roll, let the packets fly...and oh, yes, lock me door.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Day one,
night one,
chapter one... hooked on. By a friend.

Random thoughts in no particular fashion. Updated daily for my own personal "Memento". Gather the pieces after every nightfall. Recap on the great challenges of administering (aDmeanistering) a network of highly skilled and at time not so, .net enthusiasts.

Love it, hate it, love it, hate it, love it. aDore it.

Every problem, every glitch - pushing you further and further, till you loose sensitivity in two of your fingers. Them going numb as if a gigabit switch slid off the rack, as if someone slammed the door too hard, too early.

"Now I am 80% the aDmean I used to be" I say. I rephrase "I temporary suspended 20% of me". I rest till I heal my crust and visit you, oh my fair bloggie, yet again.

good nite